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Townrow and Sanko 2012  in Hastings, specialises in all aspects of automotive radiator, air-conditioning systems and fuel tanks. We'll take care of all your auto radiator and cooling needs, from  radiator repairs to air conditioner re-gassing. We cater for all types of vehicles, including trucks, tractors and busses.

Townrow and Sanko are  agents for Air Radiators.  

Townrow and Sanko are VASA certified.                                                                      

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Townrow and Sanko 2012 can supply and fit all kinds of  radiator products. We'll give you the right advice on the perfect radiator for your vehicle.                                     

Townrow and Sanko now hold up to 100 radiators in stock but  if we don't have what you need we can order it and have it here over night.

We can re-core, clean out and thoroughly inspect your radiator. Our expert technician will then replace parts and carry out precision repairs. We finish with pressure testing to make sure your radiator will stand up to Hastings hottest summer days.

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Keeping your cool while driving is more important than you might think. We know a hot car with burning seats and a scolding steering wheel is uncomfortable, but it can also reduce your concentration and safety. It’s important to keep your car air conditioning working properly.

Townrow and Sanko 2012  will re-gas your air conditioning and repair or replace air conditioning components.

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